Employment Plus

Helping people into employment



Amy, from the Midlands:

Why you were looking for work?

I was unemployed for about two years on and off before being referred to The Salvation Army Employment Plus. I had been looking for work continuously after losing my position as a Christmas temp. I was referred to the Employment Plus centre through the Job Centre as I had been signing on for around two years.

What support did The Salvation Army provide?

The Salvation Army helped me with gaining confidence in interviews and putting me on an employment course, which helped greatly in gaining an understanding of how to apply for and maintain a job. They were also there on a personal level.They helped me when I was struggling will utility bills and other aspects my personal life.

When I first started at the Employment Plus Centre I didn’t expect to make exceptional friends in which I stay in touch with now. Kate and Gina at the Stourbridge branch have helped me not only get a job but have continued support so if any queries do arouse during my time at my current employer, they are there to rectify them.

What are you doing now?

I love working. It gets me out of the house and something to forward my career in an Administration setting. I am currently doing a Business Administration Apprenticeship with Stourbridge College with the support of my employer. I am halfway through and already thinking of what to do next.

How are you feeling now?

I feel able to work and gain experience in the role that I am currently doing. My employer has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and I welcome that to broaden my understanding of all aspects of Business Administration

Would you recommend The Salvation Army to people in a similar situation?

I would recommend anyone that is struggling to find work or even work experience to approach the team and ask them for help. I asked and now i have found myself a job where it is leading me to my long term goal.

Excellent service, excellent friends, what more could someone ask for when feeling like no one wants to employ you?

What are your plans for the future?

I have many plans for the future and a lot of long term goals.  I strive to be able to run a company one day and put everything that I have learnt here and what I have learnt from the people at The Salvation Army into practice with my own employees and create long term goals for them as well.